Selected Submarine Fiction Books

The submarine has influenced more than just the outcome of the wars of the 20th Century. It has become an object of fascination for those drawn to the allure and mystique surrounding the Silent Service. Popular culture has both canonized and damned the submarine and their crews. However, it cannot be denied that the submarine has played a major role in both film and print since its inception 100 years ago. The following is a selection of prominent fiction books on submarines and the men who made and fought them.

Fiction Books

Beach, Edward L., Cold is the Sea (Holt, Rinehart, and Winston, 1978)

Beach, Edward L., Dust on the Sea (Kensington Publishing Corp., 1989, paper). Novel of a dangerous mission in Japanese home waters.

Beach, Edward L., Run Silent, Run Deep (Naval Institute Press, 1986). Classic story of WWII submarine operations, by a former sub commander. Originally published 1955.

Buchheim, Lothar G. The Boat (Knopf, 1975). An accurate portrayal of a German U-boat in World War II. Although not about American submarines, this novel is worth reading for an understanding of submarine life and service during WWII.

Clancy, Tom, The Hunt for Red October (Berkley Publishing Group, 1999, paper). Thriller about the pursuit of a runaway Soviet submarine, the state-of-the-art Red October.

Dimercurio, Michael, Attack of the Seawolf (Onyx Books, 1994, paper) Techno-thriller about the rescue of a U.S. submarine captured by a faction fighting a new Chinese civil war.

Dimercurio, Michael, Barracuda Final Bearing (Onyx Books, 1997, paper) U.S. Admiral Michael Pacino of the Unified Submarine Command takes on the newly independent Greater Manchuria.

Dimercurio, Michael, Phoenix Sub Zero (Onyx Books, 1995, paper) During a war between United States and an Islamic coalition, a U.S. submarine tries to stop an Islamic submarine from launching a deadly nuclear strike on Washington.

Dimercurio, Michael, Piranha Firing Point (Penguin, 1999, paper) A force of U.S. submarines (including the new SSNX) must stop the submarines commandeered by the Red Chinese faction fighting a new Chinese civil war.

Dimercurio, Michael, Voyage of the Devilfish (Onyx Books, 1994, paper) U.S. submarine Devilfish duels with a new, super-advanced Russian sub.

Joseph, Mark, Typhoon (Pocket Books, 1992, paper). Thriller set in the waning days of the Cold War. A U.S. hunter-killer submarine pursues renegade Soviet Typhoon-class ballistic missile submarines.

Verne, Jules, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (Naval Institute Press, 1993; paper). Classic science fiction tale of Captain Nemo and his fantastic submarine, the Nautilus. Published in 1870, this book inspired many early submarine designers, including Simon Lake.